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how to organise your music collection

hey all, please delete if not allowed! hope everyone is as good as can be during these times.
a while ago i made a (hopefully digestible) instagram guide on how i organised my music collection, both physically and digitally. i also covered playing out, other people's systems for anyone interested in further / different approaches. thought i'd share it in here, if you'd like a download link just comment or message me.
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Using Eve as a hands on/low cost way to learn about trading?

Tl;dr Has anyone used Eve as a way to meta-learn (learn how to learn) about trading in general?
I used to play Eve a while back a few ago ratting/mining/mission running/being in corps, so I like to think I have some basic understanding of some of the forces at play in Eve.
I've been informing myself about trading stocks/forex/(specifically) cryptocurrency, and it seems that the biggest losses come from the human factor of emotion. I figured Eve station trading would be a great way to learn how to trade without spending real money other than the subscription fee and occasional PLEX purchase to use as initial capital.
I'd essentially be using Eve to numb myself to emotional trading and getting used to losing battles, but eventually winning wars all the while learning how to read markets and crafting my own theories.
I think that once I feel I have been better informed about trading, I'd start real world trading and apply the motto "Once undocked, your ship is essentially lost" or "Never fly what you can't afford to lose" to real life trading as "Only invest money you're okay completely losing"
Any thoughts to this approach, or anyone care to share their experiences?
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Darius JOHNSON rants about CCP at length

From the famous TMC Bullpen leak, this is the one comment of substance that wasn't deleted for doxxing, so I figure it's safe enough to post as a separate entry.
Darius JOHNSON (former CCP Sreegs) rants about CCP at length (8 September 2013):
The conversation starts
(9:01:57 PM) darius_johnson: (8:53:29 PM) | ubastij: yeah that is a good point, though ccp does seem to prefer broad language for specific issues
(9:02:05 PM) darius_johnson: I used broad language because I know what I'm doing
(9:02:10 PM) darius_johnson: I"m pretty sure they're just morons
(9:09:59 PM) lockefox: oh, darius_johnson, I did mean to ask... there is a legitimate posting at CCP I was thinking of putting in for (data scientist). Terrible idea or terrible idea?
(9:10:26 PM) ubastij: i applied to the multimedia designer position :smith:
(9:10:36 PM) Angry Mustache: i thought they had dr. what's his face
(9:10:40 PM) darius_johnson: up to you
(9:10:43 PM) lockefox: Data team is expanding
(9:10:54 PM) darius_johnson: honestly I don't know anyone at ccp who knows what they actually do there
(9:11:02 PM) mynnna: eyjog seems to dual-hat as economist and head of the data team, yeah.
(9:11:02 PM) darius_johnson: so maybe it's a great department
(9:11:05 PM) lockefox: oh, then just like my job now :D
(9:11:11 PM) ubastij: that works really well with me, i dont know what i do at my company
(9:11:38 PM) darius_johnson: having a research department that works on one product and having nobody on that product having ever seen a deliverable for them is never a good thing
a bit later
(9:12:31 PM) darius_johnson: I have no idea what eyo does at CCP aside from talk to newspapers
(9:12:43 PM) lockefox: Have my app all tied up in ribbons tonight.... was going to send it off tomorrow morning. Figured I have braindamage already (I do the work for fun/free already)
(9:12:44 PM) darius_johnson: AWESOME
(9:13:04 PM) lockefox: and it fits with my current experience professionally so my CL isn't: I <3 gamez! HIRE ME
(9:13:28 PM) darius_johnson: Yeah if you want to live in Iceland go for it
(9:13:31 PM) darius_johnson: they always seemed busy
(9:13:51 PM) Angry Mustache: darius_johnson: botting is so bad on serenity that honest players can plex their accounts
(9:14:04 PM) lockefox: if it's anything like my current data-human-centepeede job, I can understand why
(9:14:27 PM) darius_johnson: Look I'm pretty sure Eyjo doesn't do a fucking thing at CCP I can't be more clear than that.
(9:14:35 PM) darius_johnson: he certainly doesn't know anything about eve
(9:14:47 PM) lockefox: figured that from his fanfest talks
(9:14:47 PM) darius_johnson: So just keep that in mind
(9:14:48 PM) mynnna: p sure you're wrong.
(9:14:52 PM) mynnna: about not doing anything, anyway.
(9:15:06 PM) ubastij: he gave some presentations at fanfest :colbert:
(9:15:07 PM) mynnna: the development of you being wrong may be more recent than your leaving the company tho
(9:15:16 PM) darius_johnson: If "sticking his fingers" into everything is "doing something" then ok.
(9:15:22 PM) darius_johnson: But economically he was useless
(9:15:25 PM) darius_johnson: see: forex
(9:15:31 PM) darius_johnson: see: plex
couple of lines later, still about Dr.EyjoG
(9:16:18 PM) darius_johnson: mynnna: Maybe his guys got to work on stuff they wanted to do. He's really good at taking credit for things as well.
(9:16:29 PM) mynnna: well why not
(9:16:35 PM) mynnna: it works for the_mittani
much later to mynnna, when mynnna defends Dr.EyjoG again
(9:40:15 PM) darius_johnson: I was kind of close to this and MAY know a bit more than you about how CCP works
(9:40:28 PM) Angry Mustache: mynnna: i think if you kept quiet, CCP would never notice
(9:40:39 PM) darius_johnson: Every time the CSM's iin town Ejo struts around and preens
(9:40:44 PM) darius_johnson: or there's a reporter about
(9:19:11 PM) darius_johnson: lockefox: You will be poor and Iceland blows
(9:19:19 PM) darius_johnson: If you're married I honestly wouldn't do it
(9:19:20 PM) lockefox: that's what I figured
(9:19:24 PM) darius_johnson: It's for young people
(9:19:36 PM) darius_johnson: There's a reason there's only like 1 American left at CCP
(9:19:41 PM) darius_johnson: and very few foreignors
(9:19:50 PM) ubastij: darius_johnson: were you in iceland or in the USA when you worked for CCP?
(9:19:54 PM) darius_johnson: Iceland
(9:20:02 PM) darius_johnson: and it was a terrible mistake
(9:20:15 PM) darius_johnson: I mean there was a lot that was great about it
(9:20:20 PM) Set's Chaos: I want to go to Iceland for Formula Offroad.
(9:20:22 PM) ubastij: i've lived in "worst" countries so v0v
(9:20:23 PM) darius_johnson: but nepotism is the culture
aside, on the same topic, later
(9:29:20 PM) darius_johnson: There's also only 2 managers at CCP who aren't icelandic!
aside, on the same topic, much later
(9:43:56 PM) darius_johnson: CCP has an english only policy as well
(9:44:05 PM) darius_johnson: it's just gone lax
(9:44:09 PM) ubastij: i'm just saying sometimes people don't realize its offputting
(9:44:16 PM) ubastij: oh well then
(9:44:18 PM) darius_johnson: Mainly because there's so few non icelanders left
(9:44:20 PM) ubastij: yeah that sounds odd
(9:44:34 PM) darius_johnson: when I got there ops was 75+% foreign
(9:44:46 PM) darius_johnson: when I left there was one Canadian and he left like a week later
(9:45:19 PM) darius_johnson: hard to have a policy like that in those cases
back to the main thread, later, about Soundwave leaving
(9:26:11 PM) darius_johnson: he hasn't left yet
(9:26:17 PM) darius_johnson: it takes 3 months to leave a job in iceland
(9:26:27 PM) Angry Mustache: what the fuck do you do in the meanwhile?
(9:26:31 PM) Set's Chaos: Some kind of law, or just tradition?
(9:26:35 PM) mynnna: like, [Seagull] sets the overall creative direction, but yeah [Soundwave] is lead designer or whatever.
(9:26:36 PM) Angry Mustache: drink?
(9:26:44 PM) darius_johnson: pretend to work while icelanders passive aggressively cockblock you until you just stop showing up
couple of lines later, still about Soundwave leaving
(9:27:06 PM) mynnna: i'unno, I'd like to hope that the "three months" thing means he continues to stick with things until winter is released.
(9:27:22 PM) darius_johnson: CCP will not let that happen
(9:27:41 PM) Angry Mustache: so he's marginalized between announcement and plane departing
(9:27:49 PM) darius_johnson: I was
(9:27:57 PM) darius_johnson: I have to presume it's teh same for everyone
(9:28:43 PM) darius_johnson: they really don't take rejection well
(9:28:48 PM) darius_johnson: and take every criticism personally
a bit later
(9:32:35 PM) lockefox: thank you for answering all the questions I had with your ranting :D
(9:32:46 PM) darius_johnson: np
(9:33:02 PM) darius_johnson: In retrospect I don't regret it honestly
(9:33:03 PM) lockefox: it is actually helpful
(9:33:10 PM) darius_johnson: but I think that has more to do with me than them
END (mostly)
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